In my life of PhD student, publishing as a single author is a satisfying way to give visibility to my research work. But I recently discovered that collaborating with lab mates you share interests with can be a lot of fun ! Well, as long as you're as lucky as I am to find lab mates that work as hard as you do and share your will of getting things done. This is the EMM + ML combo !

So, lucky me to have such a great first long-standing collaboration research experience : our first co-authored paper got the warmest of welcomes at the ILINTEC'11 Workshop on Intelligent Linguistic Technologies, that took place in Las Vegas earlier this week. The ILINTEC’11 Workshop was one of the events of the 2011 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing within the ICAI'11 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence. To provide more context on the event, here are a few descriptive lines :

The core idea of ILINTEC’11 is to bring together researchers who explore different paradigms of language and speech processing; special emphasis is laid on interaction of stochastic techniques and logical methods. ILINTEC 11 is a unique opportunity to discuss the problems of natural language processing in immediate contact with the leading research and development teams from universities and industry engaged in information technology projects and various fields of Computer Science.

Our aim was to show how interesting textometric methods can be for information discovery and web mining tasks, from an academic point of view but also from an industrial point of view, as both EMM and I are achieving our PhD in an industrial context. So, below the link to the Slideshare version of the presentation displayed at ILINTEC : hope you'll enjoy it ! PostScriptum : (Slideshare embedding in DotClear is a bit capricious right now, I'll update asap to provide you with the embedded presentation here.)