Le module Ranger GPS, ou comment naviguer en GPS sur la DS :) ou le kit de voyage ultime, qui s'appuie sur Google Earth et propose même des options multilingues avec Mandarin et Cantonais en prime.

Have fun! (ou encore un truc super qu'on aura pas en Europe???)



1. GPSFS map:

  • From Google Earth to the library, involving a global scope of the various cities.
  • A detailed route and facilities information
  • Enhance map data (multi-scale map zoom ratio Level switch)

2. High-performance navigation system:

  • High-precision positioning
  • Touch Panel for easy operation
  • Express intuitive route to explore

3. Advanced technology:

  • U-blox 5 chip high-performance positioning
  • 32MB Extended Memory function.
  • NDS host automatic calibration time (UTC time calibration)

4. Computer Internet:

  • High-precision retrieval Destinations
  • Mobile PC touchpad (mouse) and keyboard for easy operation
  • User friendly route guide
  • Mandarin, Cantonese optional voice prompts

5. System upgrade:

  • Map database updates
  • System software upgrades